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"Slow cooking and quality ingredients are the key.." 


Owner Operators, JP (Jean-Pierre) & Alixe are happy to have JP'Eats Firehouse Kitchen & Grill Food Truck back on the road are looking forward to Summer 2024! Both with Family Restaurant backgrounds, JP opened his first restaurant in 1989 that specialized in everything French Canadian while Alixe's kitchen and fast food skills evolved while working at her father's Burger Restaurant in Slave Lake, Alberta.


After 25+ professional years as a Teacher (Alixe) and Mechanical Engineer (JP) they both decided to leave their respective careers to build a travelling business with their Family Foodie "Routes" and...VOILA! Their JP'Eats Food Truck is ready to roll to your VI town or special event :-) Together JP and Alixe have created a UNIQUE Seasonal Food Truck experience that skips the usual grinds (Burgers) and instead, specializes in serving High Quality, Slowly prepared, BEEFS. From their silky thinly-sliced Montreal Smoked Meat GRILLER Sandwiches to Slow Roasted Pulled Beef Sandwiches, there's a Surf or Earth Griller Sandwiches and 100% Beef Hot Dogs (Vegetarian available) too. Of Course "Bien Sûr" They also offers Traditional and Pièces de Résistance (Specialty) POUTINEs... and a Crispy Fried selection of side FILLERS and sweet Frozen CHILLERS, too :-)

You may be wondering how JP & Alixe can serve Montreal Smoked Meat from a Food Truck... and the answer is, STEAMING Hot! Sliced Silky SUPER THIN (unlike the Deli CARVED smoked meat on tiny slices of Rye Bread) each of JP'Eats Montreal Smoked Meat Griller Sandwich has a BALANCED BLEND of Marbled AND Lean BEEF that is prepared in a locally baked, Buttery Golden Grilled, Top-Cut (Wheat) Bun and...a Garlic Dill Pickle Wedge on top. 


Taste the Sizzle of SUMMER when you bite into a Jumbo 100% BEEF Hot Dog or Yves VEGETARIAN Hot Dog that has been Butterflied and Grilled and served in a Specialty Baked and Buttery Grilled Bun. FYI... Bring a BIG appetite if you hope to finish one of JP'Eats TOP DOGS with a Poutine Teaser on Top!

With changing times are changing Tastes, Trends and Food Preferences. Also, are a growing number of Food Sensitivities and Allergies, too.  JP & Alixe's Food Truck menu items DO NOT contain Tree Nuts and ALL Oil Fried FILLERS are GLUTEN "FRIENDLY..." meaning Food items cooked in frying oil DO NOT contain Gluten/Wheat and... no foods containing Gluten/Wheat are ever used in their Canadian Canola Frying Oil! Please, Please, PLEASE however, be Cautioned, Advised, Informed and Aware that if you have Celiacs Disease or have a Gluten sensitivity.. Do NOT eat at our Food Truck...Sorry :-( There is an Abundance of Wheat/Gluten on surfaces and in the air because  JP'Eat GRILLER Sandwiches and HOT DOG are prepared on a locally baked and Buttery Grilled Wheat Bun. 

Yes, JP'Eats is unique... and trying to make a difference, too... First, sourcing the Best High Quality, Locally available ingredients when available and Second, using Earth Friendly Containers and Utensils. 

Come say "Hello / Bonjour or Konnichiwa"... Alixe & JP are ready to share their World of Rolling Adventures and Delicious Canadian Foodie Experiences with you :-)

Share your JP'Eats Experience with us and follow us on JP'Eats social media links below

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