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"Slow cooking and quality ingredients are the key.." 


Owner Operators, JP (Jean-Pierre) & Alixe are happy to have JP'Eats Firehouse Kitchen & Grill Food Trailer back on the road again... and are looking forward to many more of the beautiful beachside views they have enjoyed the last 2 (Covid) years while parked at a permanent location near the Boardwalk at the Parksville Community Park Beach. Both with Family Restaurant backgrounds, JP opened his first restaurant - in his home province, Quebec - in 1989 that specialized in everything French Canadian & Italian while Alixe's initiation into the food services industry started in her father's fast food restaurant in Slave Lake, Alberta. Inspired by the many delicious foods they have experienced from their travels and especially, Quebec's "Casse Croutes", JP & Alixe have created and are ready to serve you Unique Food Truck GRILLER, FILLER n' CHILLER menu items for you to come Experience, Enjoy and Share :-)

Sourcing the Best Quality Ingredients from Vancouver Island vendors and growers, JP'Eats has a few "BEEFS" to share with the Vancouver Island public: Traditional Slow Roasted Shredded n' Shaved Beef and... Eastern Canada's favourite thin sliced, Deli style Montreal Smoked Meat!

If Quality 100% BEEF is not your preference however... know that you can come Experience a Surf or Earth Griller option too: COD It's GOOD, PIRI-PIRI SHRIMP PO'BOY or the Vegetarian Friendly, EDGY VEGGIE.


JP'Eats GRILLER SANDWICHES are all prepared on a Locally Baked n' Buttery Golden Grilled 6" Top-Cut Bun and be assured... when you order a Montreal Smoked Meat Griller Sandwich it will be filled with a BALANCED BLEND of Steaming Hot, Thinly Sliced... Marbled AND Lean BEEF Brisket for every bite with... a Garlic Dill Pickle Wedge on the top. GRILLER SANDWICHES can be ordered with (or without) a side of Crispy Thin-Cut Seasoned Fries or have them "Messed Up" with a Generous Sprinkle of Shredded Habanero-Cheddar-Mozza Cheese and Gravy. Of Course - "Bien Sûr" JP'Eats also offers Traditional POUTINE with Original Vegetable Gravy and Cheese Curds as well.


 Taste the Sizzle of SUMMER when you bite into a Large (4oz-Quarter Pound) 100% Premium BEEF Hot Dog that has been Butterflied and Grilled and bring a BIG appetite if you hope to finish one of  JP'Eats Signature Loaded Hot Dogs: The Reuben Dog or Can-Aid-Ya Dog.   


Yes, JP'Eats is different... and trying to make a difference, too... First, sourcing the Best High Quality, Locally available ingredients and Second, using Earth Friendly Containers and Utensils when available and SAFE for you to take your treats To-Go. 

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