"Slow cooking and quality ingredients are the key.." 

Owner Operators, JP and Alixe are happy to introduce you to JP'Eats Firehouse Kitchen & Grill. Both with backgounds in Family RestaurantsJP opened his first restaurant (in his home province, Quebec) in 1989 that specialized in Italian Pastas & Pizza. From "Casse Croute's" to fine dining,  JP & Alixe have cultivated keen interests & culinary techniques in anything food and have collected a variety of global flavours, tools and techniques from their extensive travels.

Self proclaimed "foodies," JP and Alixe deliver a variety of menu items that are high quality, quantity and quickly, using the tasty ingredients that they have sourced both locally and nation wide. JP'Eats Montreal Smoked Meat is directly from Montreal while their signature, Ribbon Fries are freshly cut and cooked in front of your eyes. Hot Sandwiches are served on Grilled Artisanal Breads from local bakeries and the Meats are all cooked low n' slow. JP'Eats Poutine is prepared with authentic Cheese Curds & Original Gravy from "La Belle Province." Wood Fired Pizza's are made to order with Artisanal Pizza Dough and Signature Savoury Sauce. Pizzas are rapidly cooked (90 seconds) in a 750 degree wood burning oven and customers rave about how JP'Eats Wood Fired Pizza's are distinctive and a delight to eat!


Yes, JP'Eats is different... and trying to make a difference, too... First, using high quality ingredients and Second, using Earth friendly containers and utensils. Serving good food with less of a footprint.

JP'Eats is happy to receive invitations to host Private - Family Functions, Sport Tournaments, Corporate or Charitable Gatherings, Festival & Community Happenings, Music or Performance Events, etc... JP'Eats can cater your event...

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 Mobile Unit / Food Truck 

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